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FLEXPERT - Zebra G titanium nib unit

  • $14.00

Now available from Osprey Pens are replacement threaded Zebra g flexpert nib units. There should be no reason why you can’t enjoy the feeling of writing with a Zebra  g and a constant supply of ink. Please check out our FAQ section or reach out to our team if you encounter any issues with your Flexpert unit. 

  • Please note, you will need the the custom Osprey Converter and the Flexpert Outer Section to be able to use this nib unit on your  Scholar or Milano fountain pens. If you do not have these items, we advise you to order the full Flexpert unit for $18 (which includes converter & and modular section).

  • This threaded insert is mainly geared as a replacement part for users who have already purchased the whole Flexpert unit. From trouble shooting and listening to feedback from our actual users, we have decided to offer this nib unit independently as replacements or backup extras for artists and calligraphers.  We encourage you to save your money and to try and get the maximum utility out of your Flexpert unit (by practicIng good pen hygiene, flushing  your  Flexpert unit with ammonia, and by using the nib block for dismantling your feed and nib).


    • Please follow proper techniques and guidance for removing your nib and feed. Recently, we had encountered users who had ended up breaking their feed due to following incorrect guidance on how to remove feeds from the section. As part of our total quality management program, we have created a FAQ section and have been trying to raise awareness about the free nib block that is provided with each Flexpert. At Osprey Pens, we care about your safety and your writing experience. One of the biggest challenges of using a zebra g on a fountain pen in the past  was the difficulty associated with disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance. We hope that our Osprey nib block can help to make this process easy and safe for you.

    The Osprey Zebra G Flexpert Insert has an improved high-efficiency custom feed and has been designed to work with our leak resistant and conservative custom Osprey Converter. This combination is designed to mitigate issues of burping and risk of leaking as compared with earlier eyedropper inserts.

    Cleaning: Soak the feed and nib in a pen cleaning solution or a solution with some tap water and liquid dish-washing detergent, ideally an alkaline-based or grease-cutting version(for easy to wash out inks like Noodler’s black). If you will be trying a variety of inks or inks that contain strong dyes and or additives/sheens that might gum up the feed, we highly advise using ammonia to flush your Flexpert after using. Ammonia  is one of the most useful cleaning agents for your Flexpert unit. Although an ink may be labeled as fountain pen friendly, it can still be difficult to fully clean out of the Flexpert using only soap and water. This is the main reason we recommend trying or using Noodler’s standard black as it is very easy to wash out and widely available.  Proper flushing and cleaning(and using a good flowing ink) can help to resolve almost 80-90 percent of minor railroading and flow issues often encountered. Please check out our FAQ section of the website and do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any issues or questions.

    Directions for cleaning feed: After disassembly of feed and nib using the nib block, use 
    an old toothbrush or cleaning brush with nylon bristles (no wire brushes please), scrub the feed of any residue until the channels (grooves on the feed) are free of any ink or pigment. Inspect the nib for signs of corrosion. If corroded, replace it with a new nib.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review