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Osprey Pens CSR T-shirt B4BC

  • $18.00

As part of our CSR program offerings, Osprey Pens is proud to offer our line of Osprey Pens T-shirts. Each T-shirt is locally printed in California by Osprey Pens and is made from high quality cotton that will not shrink or degrade even after multiple washes. 

The Pink Osprey Pens white T-shirt supports the amazing Boarding for Breast Cancer Non-profit Charity. When you purchase this item, we donate $9 to the Boarding for Breast Cancer organzation. Check out our CSR section of our website for more details.

Please note, Osprey Pens does not make any profits from this shirt. Any proceeds from the sale of this shirt are given to the indicated charity. You can refer to our CSR impact calculator app or reach out to our team with any questions at all.