The Orange Manuscript

  • $375.00

The Orange Manuscript was authored by the Amazing Jose Naranja from Spain. This facsimile is a collection of over 120 selected pages from Jose Naranja’s travels during the last few years. Each book is manually bound and comes with a moleskin cover. Paper and adhesive for bookbinding are free of acid. If you enjoy beautiful writing, creative art, and travel notebooks, do not miss out on purchasing this amazing book.

We have priced this book slightly higher on our website as part of our philosophy of using a portion of the proceeds (from any sale of products on our website) towards our CSR program. These proceeds help to cover a portion of the cost of giving free nibs, inks, and pens to schools in the USA. When you purchase this item, you not only support a local artist from a Spain but also contribute to our CSR program. Since 2016, the Osprey CSR program has reached over 100 schools in the USA.