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5ml sample Noodler’s Red(American propaganda ink)

  • $3.50

This bottled ink is manufactured in the USA by Noodler's Ink. Remember if you encounter feathering, the golden trick is to dilute with distilled water. Always mix separately and only use a small amount to allow you to use “feathering” ink batches on virtually any paper.

In order to ensure customers from across the oceans -do not get in trouble Osprey Pens renamed this unknown label of ink as American  Propaganda Ink. It allowed countless bottles to be purchased and used safely because at Osprey Pens, our customer's good name and safety is paramount. 

This unknown(surprise) bottle of Noodler's Standard Red is amazing. We are not sure what the label means, but the ink works really well for handwriting and art. This description has been edited by William to ensure sale/safe passage of the product if it is purchased from certain locations. 

Applications for this ink include:


  • Stock Osprey Insert (using converter)
  • Osprey Dip holders (reservoir fitted dip nib)
  • Osprey 2019 ZebraG/EF Flexpert insert
  • Refillable Brush pens
  • Refillable felt tip pens
  • Refillable rollerball Pens
  • Glass dip pens
  • Basic watercolor dip brushes