Noodler’s Bluerase waterase ink

  • $19.00

Noodler’s Bluerase waterase ink is a unique bottled ink that is manufactured in USA by Noodler’s ink. Using a felt tip or brush, one can use this ink on most plexiglass, lexan, or whiteboards. One can erase this off whiteboards using a wet cloth. The same ink can also be used in a fountain pen or dip nib to write on paper.

CSR ink sale: In 2017, Osprey Pens purchased a large stock of Noodler’s inks. Over the last 2 years, we have used these inks as part of our CSR program and for testing our products.

In 2019, we are liquidated our surplus inventory of remaining Noodler’s inks by offering them for direct sale to the public. 

This product is also part of our CSR matching program. We donate a portion of the proceeds to our list of CSR charities for each bottle or sample vial purchased by the public. Please check out our CSR section for more Details.