Noodler’s ink 54th Massachusetts

  • $13.50

This bottled ink is manufactured in the USA by Noodler's Ink. The ink label pays homage to the 54th regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry which was the second African American regiment formed during the American Civil war. The service of the 54th Massachusetts, especially their charge at Fort Wagner, gained them widespread acclaim for bravery and valor. The 54th Massachusetts recently gained prominence in popular culture through the award winning film, Glory(starring Denzel Washington). 

Applications for this ink include:

  • Stock Osprey Insert (using converter)
  • Osprey Dip holders (reservoir fitted dip nib)
  • Osprey 2019 ZebraG/EF Flexpert insert
  • Refillable Brush pens
  • Refillable felt tip pens
  • Refillable rollerball Pens
  • Glass dip pens
  • Basic watercolor dip brushes