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Noodler’s ink AVG blue black

  • $13.50


This 3oz bottle of ink is Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA by Noodler’s ink. AVG Black blue pays homage to the first American Volunteer group (AVG) of the Chinese air force in 1941 to 1942. This group was nicknamed the Flying Tigers and was a private force recruited out of the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps and led by the brilliant Claire Lee Chennault. Equipped with obsolete P-40 aircraft, the AVG were able to face greater numbers and achieve an amazing battlefield record.  This ink works great in the stock Osprey and Flexpert insert.

Applications for this bottled ink:

  • Stock Osprey Insert (using converter)
  • Osprey Dip holders (reservoir fitted dip nib)
  • Osprey 2019 ZebraG/EF Flexpert insert
  • Refillable Brush pens
  • Refillable felt tip pens 
  • Refillable rollerball Pens 
  • Glass dip pens
  • Basic watercolor dip brushes