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Noodler’s ink Polar Black

  • $24.00

Made in USA by Noodler’s ink. 

“Freeze Resistant Inks” include Polar Blue and Polar Black, which will resist forming a solid mass of ice within a glass ink bottle during most cold weather conditions (though they will form some harmless ice “slush” when very cold). The first “Polar” ink was “freeze proof” to -114° F, but the reformulated Polar inks made from 2006 and later have a faster dry time, better flow rate, and are basic “freeze resisting” inks to avoid expansion barrel cracks in pens and broken bottles in mail boxes on cold days. They is no guarantee “never to freeze regardless of the temperature” but, they are made to resist the damaging expansion that water based products can be subject to when exposed to freezing temperatures and harsh winter weather.

The 4.5 OZ Bottle of Noodler's ink comes with a free Fountain pen from the manufacturer. 

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