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Noodler’s Ottoman Azure

  • $13.50

This bottled ink is manufactured in the USA by Noodler's Ink.

Applications for this ink include:

  • Stock Osprey Insert (using converter)
  • Osprey Dip holders (reservoir fitted dip nib)
  • Osprey 2019 ZebraG/EF Flexpert insert
  • Refillable Brush pens
  • Refillable felt tip pens
  • Refillable rollerball Pens
  • Glass dip pens
  • Basic watercolor dip brushes


Ink Properties Bullet Proof(UV Resistant, Bleach Resistant) Eternal (Archival, fade resistant) Forgery Resistant (Impervious to Lasers, Alcohols, Solvents, Ideal for security Documents) Water Resistant (Partially or Fully Waterproof) Fluoroscent (Glows under UV Lights) Lubricated (Lubricateds inks) Freeze Resistant (Resists Freezing at extremely low temp)
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