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Osprey Noodler's Standard Black - Message in a bottle instructional kit

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At Osprey Pens, our CSR program has designed this writing solution as one instructional method/supplement to help our teachers and schools understand the importance of this ink. 

Each bottle comes sealed in Plastic impact safe vial with sealed cap. Inside is a handwritten note with distilled water.. The note is written in Standard Black from Noodler's and is designed to show the entire school why this ink is so important as it has bulletproof protection properties. Designed specifically for the schools and districts that would throw away or be afraid of the 2ml ink samples, this visual teaching kit might just be one of the most cost efficient solutions our company has ever created(by hand in USA). 

Please note this product is part of our CSR program. A portion of the proceeds of any sale go to one of our CSR charities.

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