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Osprey Pens 2020 CSR-Outreach pack(cartridges)

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In response to global and national shutdown, we implemented our school emergency analog ink supply response. In worst case scenario if ink or our packaged 2ml Noodler’s Bottled ink was not allowed, we offer this last backup of prefilled international cartridges. This package is not available for sale to the public. Imagine getting small bands of fountain pens and inks to schools and then having them stranded and left at school. Imagine a teacher being separated and having to continue our program and writing. We would have to wait till next year, instead we launched our awareness campaigns and ensured our teachers have the ability to purchase one of these packs for 1 cent. It can allow them to do remote calligraphy writing and teaching using overhead projector to laptop with 50 students(as demonstrated in a class in November 2018). If a teacher selects or receives this option, we work with them to ensure the cartridge is reused or recycled. 

A stock size 6 Osprey Insert(not a Flexpert) fitted Milano or Scholar can write with prefilled international style cartridge. 

Check out our 2020 CSR section for updates and references.