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Osprey Pens instruction kit on how to wash out Noodler’s Standard Black ink

  • $3.50


This educational kit is designed to show you how to safely wash a modern fountain pen or ink sample containing Noodler’s Standard Black. Please note these instructions are only for Noodler’s Standard Black. Kit comes with 2ml sample plastic vial to test and practice washing out. Nontoxic and water based. Not responsible if used in fountain pen or pen. This is designed for teaching experiences or demonstrations by teachers at school. This ink sample contains 2ml pure residue. Practice washing out the vial or showing as demonstrations when showing students or faculty. Eco-friendly if vial is washed and reused(pass recycling test). Throwing into waste or never responding means a failed test after 6 requests via email. Useful test to determine recycling or refilling awareness for bottled ink at school.