Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue international short Cartridge

  • $3.00

This product is part of our CSR matching program. We donate a portion of the proceeds to our list of CSR charities. Please check out our CSR section for more information.

Pelikan’s Royal Blue international style prefilled Short cartridge pack(6) is made in Germany. The Stock Osprey pens nib unit in the Milano & Scholar fountain pens are able to use international standard cartridges for writing and drawing. International standard cartridges give you the advantages of a plug and play solution and are also easy to ship or travel with (such as when on flights). In our CSR program, the Osprey Pens recycling effort has reached out to several businesses and companies in the USA since 2016 to send us their expired cartridges that they would throw out each year. This was done so that we may test and see if they can be given and used by schools with the writing instruments that we give through our CSR program. In many cases, with a bit of water and patience, we have seen that we can make the majority of expired prefilled cartridges to be able to work on our Scholar and Milano. Please note, any donated cartridges to Osprey Pens CSR program are for our outreach efforts and never resold on our website. If you see any prefilled cartridges being offered for sale on our website, they are from brand new stock that was purchased from either a Pelikan distributor or reseller in the USA.

When using a prefilled cartridge on your Scholar or Milano, make to sure to shake well after fitting. A little bit of water can be used to improve the flow. If the cartridge is really old or dry, it might have to sit in the pen for some time before you get optimal flow. Brand new Pelikan Royal Blue cartridges have much better performance and flow from our tests on our Scholar and Milano fountain pens. Please make sure to recycle your used cartridges to be environmentally conscious.  

*Please note, that prefilled international standard cartridges will only fit and work with our Stock Osprey Nib units(as seen in pictures). We have included pictures of our stock nib units in the gallery for your easy reference. Prefilled International ink cartridges will not fit or work on your 2019 Osprey Pens Flexpert unit (which can only use bottled fountain pen friendly ink). When you purchase a flexpert set, you get both a stock section and flexpert unit for your Milano or Scholar. The stock section (as shown in photographs) can use prefilled international standard cartridges. Please email us at with your questions or concerns.