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Milano Fountain Pen with Flex Nib Options (chrome)

  • $82.00

Single-Nib option : Select a pen color (acrylic and ebonite colors are listed here) and a choice of Flex nib – Zebra G Flex nib, Phosbronze Flex, Phosbronze ultraflex, or Size 5.5 flex. This pen comes fitted with a choice of Flex nib, chrome plated clip and a converter.
We offer a variety of flex nibs to go with your fountain pen. Created with a special purpose ebonite feed, the nib assembly comes with a wide mouthed converter to keep up with the ink consumption demands of a flex nib. Don’t forget to check out the newly released Phosbronze flex nib available in 2 types: Flex and ultra-flex. Made in phosphor-bronze, this Zebra g look alike nib has a more lasting life, due to its material properties. Even though one gets more flex with a zebra g, this is a great alternate nib with slightly different properties.
When you purchase any of our flex fountain pens, it comes with a maintenance guide and a kit consisting of a nib block, and other tools, for easy disassembly and assembly in cleaning the nib units.