Milano – Kyanite Azure

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The Osprey Milano comes:

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The Kyanite Azure Milano is made from a gorgeous blue acrylic resin that reminded us of both of precious stones and the ocean.  As part of our CSR program, we donate a portion of the proceeds from any sale of ‘Kyanite Azure Milano' to the Clean Ocean Action Nonprofit from Santa Cruz California. Take a look at our CSR section of our website to see how through the sales of our products to the public, we are trying to give back to amazing charities in the USA.

Beautifully crafted, the 'Kyanite Azure ' acrylic Milano is made from precious resin, which are completely original and stunning! Like all Milano fountain pens, the ‘Kyanite Azure’ acrylic Milano is threaded to fit any standard Osprey Nib Unit.The Osprey Milano was designed as a simple no-frills daily writer that balances ergonomics and aesthetics. Beautifully crafted with ebonite (hard rubber) or Acrylic. The Milano in stock format is designed to accept international standard converters or prefilled ink cartridges, giving you the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge.

The Milano uses the same modular nib units as the Osprey Scholar allowing for a common standardization of nibs across the models. For example, the same Zebra G ‘Flexpert” insert that allows you to convert a Milano into a flex pen will also work on the Milano. A threadable insert fitted with a nib and a feed makes up the Nib Unit. This nib unit threads into the outer section. The inter-changeability allows you to quickly switch between writing styles by unscrewing one nib unit and screwing on the other. This makes writing with different nibs and tip sizes a breeze.

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