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Milano – Tanzanite Blue with Standard and Flex nib options

  • $82.00

Osprey range of Fountain Pens are made for everyday writing and for calligraphers & artists wanting to use this pen for sketching, drawing, etc. With Osprey Milano or Osprey Scholar Fountain Pen, all the nib units are interchangeable. Switching between different nib types becomes a breeze as the nib units have threads that screw and unscrew easily, without the mess of friction fit each time.

The Osprey Milano was designed as a simple no-frills daily writer that balances ergonomics and aesthetics. Best suited for folks who prefer a more heavy/ full feel when writing with the pen. Beautifully crafted with ebonite (hard rubber) and in acrylic, they come in several attractive colors.

The Tanzanite Blue Milano is made from precious resin, looking completely original and stunning! Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, caused by small amounts of vanadium, belonging to the epidote group. This stone is found only in Tanzania. This resin has beautiful blue hues that is sure to catch attention in any room.

You can customize your Milano fountain pen to suit your budget and personal writing/drawing/sketching needs:

  1. Standard Nibs are great for everyday writing. They come in a size 6 and are designed to accept international standard converters or pre-filled ink cartridges, giving you the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge. If you want to order the fountain pen with just the Standard nib, select a nib of your choice from the Standard Nib options dropdown menu and select ‘None’ for the Flex Nib option
  2. Flex nibs are for ardent calligraphy users! We offer a choice of a Zebra g flex nib or a size 5.5 stainless steel flex nib with different tip size. If you want to order the fountain pen with just a Flex nib, select a nib of your choice within the Flex Nib options and select ‘None’ from the Standard Nib options
  3. If you want to purchase both, a standard nib and a flex nib, then select a value from each of the options presented. We will fit your Scholar fountain pen with the selected standard nib, and include the stand-alone Flex-nib with a custom converter in your order. You can simply unscrew the section from the barrel to swap between these two units.

If you choose options 2 or 3 above, your order will also include:

  • An improvised nib block kit that helps in easy disassembly and assembly of the Flex nib & feed to clean when the pen gets clogged over time/use
  • A 2ml sample of Noodlers Black ink, to test the unit for performance upon arrival.
  • Flexpert – User Instructions pamphlet.

Osprey Standard Nib Options: 

The Standard Nib unit features our classic size 6 threaded insert with the following nib tip options. 

  1. None (Use this option to opt out of choosing a standard nib)
  2. EEF (Extra-Extra-Fine) #6 chrome stainless-steel nib unit
  3. EF (Extra-Fine) #6 chrome stainless-steel nib unit
  4. Fine #6 chrome stainless-steel nib unit
  5. Fine #6 gold-plated stainless-steel nib unit
  6. Medium #6 chrome stainless-steel nib unit
  7. Broad #6 chrome stainless-steel nib unit
  8. Broad Stub #6 chrome Stainless-steel nib unit

If you choose a standard nib, your order includes a generic international converter.

Osprey Flex Nib options:

The Flexpert series come with Flex nib options fitted with a custom ebonite feed and a custom Converter as the ink delivery system. These will only work with bottled fountain pen friendly inks (see instructions guide for more details on types of inks to use). You have a choice of 2 types of nibs: 1) A Manga Zebra G titanium nib and 2) Size 5.5 stainless steel flex nib with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad tip choices. See below:

  1. None (Use this option to opt out of choosing a flex nib)
  2. Flexpert - Manga Zebra G titanium nib unit with custom converter
  3. Flexpert - EF (extra fine) #5.5 stainless steel flex nib with custom converter
  4. Flexpert – Fine #5.5 stainless steel flex nib with custom converter
  5. Flexpert – Medium #5.5 stainless steel flex nib with custom converter
  6. Flexpert – Broad #5.5 stainless steel flex nib with custom converter

See Pricing chart below: 


Length (capped): 142.0 mm/5.59″
Diameter (section): 10.6 – 11.4 mm/0.41″ – 0.45″
Weight (all): 26 g 



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