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10 Pack set Zebra G nib (Titanium coated) for 'Flexpert' or Calligraphy Holder

  • $31.00

If your Zebra G nib used in the 'Flexpert' corrodes over time, you can buy this ten pack of single Zebra G (titanium coated) Nibs for  use as replacements. For instructions on how to swap nibs - please see our youtube video "How to replace Zebra G Nib in a Flexpert"

The Titanium Coated Tachikawa Zebra G nib is one of the longest lasting calligraphy "G" Nibs due to titanium coating. To prolong the life of the Nib, we advise cleaning and proper maintenance. When used in Flexpert, flush your unit with Ammonia especially when you plan on not using the flexpert unit. On a Dip holder, we advise that you should wipe down and clean the Zebra G nib after use.

This 10 pack of Zebra G nib singles which can be used on either Osprey Pens Zebra G Flexpert Unit or in other dip holders.