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FLEXPERT - #5.5 BROAD Stainless Steel flex nib unit with custom Converter

  • $18.00

Perfect for those who wish to practice calligraphy using a true flex nib, this new addition boasts of a hardy, rustproof stainless steel flexible nib that should last for a long time. The nib is a 5.5 size, with an hourglass shape. It has a soft touch and the nib is supple enough that does not warrant too much pressure to get line variations, making it attractive and easy to use for beginners learning to write cursive to professionals who love an easy write!   

This stainless steel 5.5 Flexpert like the Zebra G Flexpert, fits either an Osprey Scholar or a Milano fountain pen. It comes with a custom machined, vintage style, double fissure ebonite feed and a custom fit converter. The unit accepts bottled fountain pen ink. Please note that it does not accept a pre-filled cartridge. This tipped flex nib insert is available in Broad, Medium, Fine and Extra-Fine tip sizes. 

Please see our FAQs posted on our website, along with 'Flexpert - Instructions' that talks about recommended inks, use and care  instructions.

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