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Osprey Nib Units - Standard Size 6, Chrome plated (EEF, EF, F, Med, Broad and Stub)

  • $8.00

You can get the Osprey advantage of buying interchangeable nib units from a wide variety of nibs we offer. Standard Nibs come in both, Gold Plated and Chrome Plated while the Flex collection of nibs are limited to chrome plated offerings at this time. All Standard Size 6 nibs are made of Stainless-Steel (SS).

See below for a complete Osprey nib unit offerings, to know which collections carry the range from EEF to Stub, as not all collections come in all types of nib sizes:

These nibs allows for a reliable, conservative, and leak-proof every-day writing. The STANDARD nib units work well with any pre-filled international ink cartridges or with bottled ink using an international converter or with the Osprey converter. The FLEX collection works best with our Converter.

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