Osprey Calligraphy Dip Nib Holder (Ebonite) + Zebra G Titanium Nib

Osprey Calligraphy Dip Nib Holder (Ebonite) + Zebra G Titanium Nib

  • $9.99

 A practical writing instrument, this dip nib holder comes fitted with a Zebra G Titanium dip nib attached with a small ink reservoir. Made from durable ebonite, the holder can resist staining inks and rough handling. The standard ferrule allows you to use virtually any nib and ink in the world (including dip inks that would clog a standard fountain pen). This reliable and beautifully crafted writing instrument is officially part of the Osprey “Old school Set”, and comes in a hand-made jute-bag.

The Osprey Ebonite Calligraphy holder is now offered with biodegradable packaging as per California's recent plastic/packaging regulations. This beautifully machined calligraphy holder disassembles for easy storage. The eco-friendly writing instrument can easily provide your class with decades of writing service. Please expect some variation in pattern and color.  

Weight:  18G

Length:  18.5cm / 7.3 Inches