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Osprey Pens CRV 2 Firefighters Recyling Calwriters challenge 2020 (100% California Match CFF):

  • $29.62

Please note: This product is not a physical product as 100% of the MSRP is donated to the California Fire Foundation. This is similar to many fundraiser campaigns conducted by private groups or corporations(such as walking or swimming for charity). This fundraiser represents "recycling" for fire-fighter charity in California.

The total MSRP on this product is the total amount of money that 1 single human was able to raise from nothing in California using only human power(hand recycling and then signing for the receipt by hand) as of 10/8/2020. If you feel inspired and have the means, we would love for you to make this purchase and to match our human's donation from recycling redemption funds to our fire-fighters in 2020.

100% of the $29.62 goes automatically to the California Fire Foundation through our give and grow app that we implemented in 2019.

Since 2018, we had tried Go Fund me app and Give and grow directly on our Osprey Pens store. This app has allowed us to donate micro-donations from matching products such as our Scholar fountain pen and 100% purely fundraiser “donations” themes such as these. in 2020 with your help we have been able to raise almost $2500 for California Fire Foundation since 2018 to 2020 out of which we can certify that $29.62 was certified first hand to be sourced from local human hand power(crv hand recycling and signing receipt).

The main purpose of our independent and voluntary awareness and private fundraiser campaigns is mainly to show how much we appreciate all fire-fighters and organizations that support them. As the smallest business and company in our industry, our ethical monetary contributions are mostly designed to inspire and show state and federal authorities to increase funding and support. We would never ask or expect anyone to do something we are not willing to do ourselves. We hope our ethical efforts and CSR program can validate and show our authorities how much of a need for additional funding is needed due to the sheer size and population of California. Please note Osprey Pens is independent and separate from all any of these kind and amazing organizations. All actions and efforts were 100% ethical and independent as 1 human using hand power since  10/18/18 – to 10/18/20. All of our donations are tracked by Give and grow.










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