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Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen

  • $30.00

Single Nib Option: Madison fitted with Zebra G titanium Nib and a converter.
The Madison is a more affordable offering from Osprey. Very competitively priced, and regal in appearance, this beautiful pen comes in a translucent midnight blue color and is made from odor free vegetal resin. The resin is cellulose (wood) based and not petroleum, making it much more eco-friendly. We are now able to offer this fountain pen with the interchangeability of nibs just like the Scholar and the Milano. Which means you can buy a Madison with Flex nib options such as a Zebra G nib, or with the rest of the Standard size 6 nib options. All our Standard Nib units come with plastic feeds while the Flex nib units are fitted with ebonite feeds to keep up with the ink demands of flex writing. The pen comes with a custom converter that threads into the outer section

Special Note: The size 6 flex nib comes friction-fit in the blue outer section. If you order any other nib unit, other than the Size 6 Flex, it comes fitted in a different Madison2 Outer section (a second section), that has threads inside and allows for swapping of nib units. If you ever need a spare Madison2 Section, you can write to us at and we are happy to make it available to you. For replacement nib units, check out Madison replacement nib unit item listing.
• Do not use India Inks or highly pigmented inks, or it will clog the ebonite feed. Use bottled fountain pen inks that are Ph neutral in composition.
• If you encounter rail-roading, flush your pen thoroughly using a pen cleaning solution (ammonia/distilled water with a dash of dish-soap mixed in water)
• Remember you can add also add a small drop of dawn dish soap to ink to get a better flow if you are experience railroading
• The pen body is not too heavy or too light, feels sturdy on the hand. The pen measures 5.45" capped and has a diameter range of 0.43” - 0.48”. It weighs 18g/0.6oz

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