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Replacement Nib units - Madison

  • $12.00

Please note that we are out of stock on the Madisons, but are accepting back-orders. We expect to get more in stock next week and can ship them on 5th of July. Sorry!

If you have already purchased a Madison Fountain Pen, you can now buy replacement Nib Units and try other nib sizes without having to invest in an entire new pen again.

1) Size 6 Flex Nib Units -The Size 6 Flex nib units come friction fit into the blue outer section along with a converter - Choose the nib type you wish to purchase. You can also add a Madison2 outer section from the second option, if you have other Osprey nib units that you would like to use with your Madison.

2) If you are selecting a Standard Size 6, or a Zebra G or a Phosbronze or Size 5.5 Flex nib unit, you DO NOT NEED to add a Madison2 outer section, as they will be sent fitted in a Madison2 threadable outer section, along with a converter. Select 'None' for the second option

3) If you only wish to order the Madison2 Outer section, select 'None' for the 'Nib Unit' and add 'Madison2 Outer section' from the second option to your order.

Size 6 Flex nibs are friction fit into a non-threadable Outer section, and so we are providing a second section called the 'Madison2' that is threadable and will accept all other Osprey nib units.

Send us an email to if you have any questions.

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Customer Reviews

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