Milano - Oka Red Brown with Black Ends (Nikko Ebonite)

Milano - Oka Red Brown with Black Ends (Nikko Ebonite)

  • $70.00

The Oka Red Brown with Black ends Milano is a special edition Milano made from the finest Nikko Japanese ebonite. This pen also comes with a variation consisting of a single color named Oka Red Brown. 

The Osprey Milano was designed as a simple no frills daily writer that balances ergonomics and aesthetics.  The pens modular design offers 6 inter-changeable nib units, including titanium coated Zebra G nib with an Ink-tank (coming soon)! Nib Units are interchangeable between both the Scholar and Milano Osprey pen models. The pen comes with a standard international cartridge converter system.

The unique features of Osprey Milano are:

  • The inter-changeability allows you to quickly switch between writing styles by unscrewing one nib unit and screwing on the other, without all the mess of friction fitting nibs
  • This makes writing with different nibs and tip sizes a breeze
  • All stock Scholars and Milanos  come with Standard Nib or Hour Glass Nib type, Size 6, Medium, Chrome Plated. If you would like a different tip size, you can buy an additional Nib Unit (NU) from the following selections:
    • NU - Standard Nib, Fine tip – Chrome Finish, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU - Standard Nib,Fine tip – Gold Plated, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU - Standard Nib, Med tip – Gold Plated, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU - Zebra G (titanium coated) with Ink-Tank (coming soon)....
  • For calligraphy enthusiasts and for others looking for a generous flex tied with copious flow of ink, we encourage you to buy the Zebra G nib unit. Zebra G nib unit screws onto a Milano or Scholar, as do all other nib units mentioned above
  • Pen can be used as an eye-dropper, but you will need to install o- rings in both ends of the barrel. Not recommended as an eye-dropper for our acrylic collection, as the resin may stain.
  • The beauty of its friction fit threaded insert will not be lost on those who notice its suitability for calligraphy. 

You have a choice of materials in selecting a Milano. The collection of colors in each of these materials is as follows:

  • Indian Ebonite comes in Solid Black, Chased Black and Brown Rippled
  • The colors in Japanese/ Nikko Ebonite are: Solid Oka Red Brown and a variation of Oka Red Brown with Black-ends
  • The Acrylic Colors are: Koroit Opal, Serendip Emerald and Mud Pie

Note: You may find more colors on our dealer websites. We encourage you to shop with the dealers by visiting their retail stores or websites.

Osprey Milano Product Manual