Scholar - Solid Black

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The Osprey Scholar is named in honor of the American School System.

Length (capped):  152.4mm / 6.00“
Length (uncapped):  138 mm/ 5.43“
Length (posted):  178mm /7.00”
Diameter (barrel):  12.45mm/.49”
Diameter (section):  10.67mm /.42”
Weight (all):  19g
Weight (cap):  6g
Weight (body):  13g

For those who prefer the feel of a more slender pen, the Osprey Scholar is perfect.

  • The Scholar uses the same modular inserts as the Osprey Milano allowing for a common standardization of nibs. Thus all of our standard Osprey Nib units will fit the scholar (Please refer to Osprey Nib units).
  • The Milano and Scholar have different sections, but the threaded inserts are interchangeable. 

Osprey Scholar Product Manual