SCHOLAR - ROYAL BLUE, with Flexpert (Zebra g nib with custom converter)

  • $48.00

  • Standard Osprey Nib unit and section(Fine Osprey nib) included along with self-contained Tachikawa  Zebra G fitted flexpert unit, section, and filler.
  • The Osprey 2019 Flexpert insert was designed for those who would like to be able to use Calligraphy dip nibs in their fountain pen for calligraphy. We designed this as a separate stand-alone unit because we did not want people to compromise or try to ‘hack’ their standard Osprey Stock nib unit. The 2019 Osprey Flexpert unit allows you to use Tachikawa Zebra G/Osprey EF nibs in your Scholar or Milano fountain pens.
  • 2019 Osprey Pens Flexpert PDF Guide

The Osprey Scholar is named in honor of the American School System. This fountain pen is machined from solid Acrylic Rod Stock. The Scholar is designed to be a rugged and dependable school fountain pen. The Scholar scores well in stress, crack, and drop tests due to its solid construction. This fountain pen was designed to keep writing for decades with a minimum of basic maintenance. The Scholar in stock format was designed to accept international standard converters or prefilled ink cartridges. We feel that the ability to use international standard cartridges & converters gives our standard school fountain pen a unique advantage and differentiates it from other brands of school fountain pens. Our goal was to create a high-quality writing instrument that could use the widest variety of bottled inks and prefilled international cartridges. This is part of our long term planning philosophy for our CSR program and allows our brand to be neutral by not imposing a proprietary standard of ink cartridge or converter. We feel it is important to provide the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge in case one or the other becomes scarce in the future.

The Scholar was first created in 2016 for a California Class from our experience with our early CSR efforts. Our grassroots school calligraphy program began by donating free dollar 717i fountain pens to schools in early 2016. After receiving feedback from industry experts on the risks of leaking and cracking, we designed the Osprey Scholar fountain pen. 

History of Scholar Fountain Pen

The Scholar uses the same modular inserts as the Osprey Milano allowing for a common standardization of nibs. For example, the same 2019 Zebra G ‘Flexpert” insert that allows you to convert a Milano into a flex pen will also work on the Scholar. To complement the versatile nature of the pens, you can purchase different Nib Units (NU) available in various tip sizes for a plug-n-play experience. A threadable/ screw-in insert fitted with a nib and a feed makes up the Nib Unit. This nib unit threads into the outer section. These nib units can be interchanged between a Milano and a Scholar.

  • The inter-changeability allows you to quickly switch between writing styles by unscrewing one nib unit and screwing on the other
  • This makes writing with different nibs and tip sizes a breeze
  • All stock Scholar’s and Milano’s come with an Osprey Pens Standard Fine tip nib with chrome finish(size 6 tipped SS).

  • If you would like a different tip size, you can buy an additional Nib Unit (NU) from the following selections: 

    • NU – Standard, Fine tip, Chrome Finish, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU – Standard, Med tip ,Chrome Finish, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU – HourGlass, Med tip ,Chrome Finish, # 6, Stainless Steel
    • NU – Flexpert (Zebra G titanium nib with Ink-Filler Unit
  • For calligraphy enthusiasts and for others looking for a generous flex tied with copious flow of ink, we encourage you to buy the ‘Flexpert’ – a titanium coated Zebra G nib with an Ink-filler unit. Zebra G nib unit screws onto a Milano or Scholar, as do all other nib units mentioned above

Recommended Ink for Flexpert Unit:  Noodler's Standard black (The Osprey 2019 Flexpert unit as of 11/11/2019 will be provided with a free sample of 2ml Noodler's black standard ink). This will allow the customer to test the purchased Flexpert unit with the same ink that we used for "Flow & Railroad" testing on the Zebra G Flexpert.  If you would like to purchase additional Noodler’s ink Standard Black 2ml Sample vials with your your flexpert, you can add them to your cart. Please make sure to flush your Osprey Pens Flexpert unit with ammonia or Pen Flush each time you switch inks. We ask that you first try the sample vial provided before other inks because Noodler's standard black washes out so easily. 

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