Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir

Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir
Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir
Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir

Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir

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Osprey Pens introduces ‘Phosbronze flex’ nib made in USA 🇺🇸, a rather unique untipped nib, made from Phosphor-bronze material. We chose this material to make a flex nib that can resist corrosion, and provide a longer-life. Phosphor bronze material has greater corrosion resistance than spring steel (used in Zebra G nibs) and  has properties that allow the nib to deform elastically, without permanent deformation (splaying), just like in the Zebra G. 

You can use the nib just as a dip-nib, or a dip-nib fitted with a reservoir, or seat it with an ebonite feed into a nib  housing for use with a fountain pen – like the Phosbronze Flexpert we sell, for Osprey fountain pens.

If encountering railroading, soak the feed and nib in a pen cleaning solution or a solution with some tap water and liquid dish-washing detergent, ideally an alkaline-based or grease-cutting version.  Please make sure to flush your Osprey Pen Flexpert unit with ammonia or Pen Flush each time you switch inks. Using an old toothbrush or cleaning brush with nylon bristles (no wire brushes please), scrub the feed of any residue until the channels (grooves on the feed) are free of any ink or pigment. The nib block kit provided with the Flex pen purchases is a useful tool to disassemble and assemble a flexpert easily.


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Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir
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