Flexpert - Phosbronze Flex nib Assembly

Flexpert - Phosbronze Flex nib Assembly
Flexpert - Phosbronze Flex nib Assembly

Flexpert - Phosbronze Flex nib Assembly

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Made in USA, Osprey Pens introduces ‘Phosbronze flex’ nib, a rather unique untipped dip nib, made from Phosphor-bronze material, as an alternate to Zebra G. We chose this material to make a flex nib that can resist corrosion and provide a longer-life, while giving similar flex.

The Zebra G and the Phosbronze, both  have properties that allow them to deform elastically, without permanent deformation (splaying). Phosphor bronze (phosbronze) has greater corrosion resistance than spring steel (Zebra G), which in turn leads to a longer life.

  • The 3 flex nibs that we carry in decreasing order of Flex are as follows: Zebra G, followed by Phospbronze, followed by Stainless-Steel flex nibs.
  • Just like the Zebra G Fountain pen, we fit the Phosbronze nib with the triple fissure ebonite feed, in all of the 3 Osprey pen models  – The Milano, the Scholar and the Madison.

Replacement parts for Osprey Milano and Scholar Phosbronze Fountain pens are available just as a Nib Unit or as a complete Assembly

This listing is for the Assembly that comes with a Nib Unit fitted into a generic black outer section along with a custom converter. 

If you are interested only in purchasing the nib unit ($18), you can go to the Phosbronze Flex Nib Unit listing.

Click here to access the Flexpert Maintenance Guide.

If ordering a replacement for a Osprey Madison Phosbronze Fountain pen, go to Replacement Nib Units for Madison to order

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