Osprey Pens was started with the idea of giving back. Our company was created with the idea of trying to make direct impact in all of our communities.

The CSR calculator App was made possible through Pledgeling’s Give and Grow application. This model and program has given our company and our CSR partners the chance to try and make the impact that we would want to see in the world.  When you purchase items off our website, you give back micro donations to various charities.

 In October of 2022, we launched a new initiative for our local Bay Area community. Our goal was to try and make a small impact towards helping those in need in our local communities while  also trying to help our environment by reducing wastage and dumping. Our grassroots effort counducted personally by our CEO was designed to help find free furniture and to partner with local businesses and non-profits to try and give back in a small way. Our CEO and tiny team of volunteers have been picking up free furniture at our own cost and time and donating to needy families. This relates to our Recycling project because we feel that this is  environmentally friendly because such furniture usually ends up getting dumped. Instead, as long as the furniture is in decent condition we try our best to get it to those who need it most. We bave Been partnering with multiple charities to try and reach needy families and have been selling some of the select furniture to help pay for our fuel costs and labor for picking up the items that are donated. We are possibly the only company in California that offers free pick ups of select furniture(most companies charged $150+ for picking up furniture*). We have partnered in with many amazing kind donors, stores, businesses, and non-profits. We will be updating this section with our progress ad well as provide links to some of our key partners: 


Poor honey’s is an amazing hidden jewel of a store in Oakland. Their staff are amazingly kind and they have some of the most fashionable furniture available for unbelievable prices. Poor Honey’s has been donating surplus furniture to our humble csr program and we are truly grateful for their support. Please make sure to check out and support this small business located in Oakland, California

One of several charities we work with include habitat for humanity due to their efforts, impact, and authenticity. Please always make sure to support this wonderful organization

We will be updating this section and promoting all of our major donors and partners. Whether you are a realtor, small business, corporation, or individual please reach out and connect with our CEO and his grassroots programs. It has been hard on our small grassroots business as the cost of logistics and gas is ridiculous in America’s current market but we feel that this is one area where we could give back in a small way to our local community and to help fight the epidemic of homelessness. We have been providing free pickup services and are trying to build this into a sustainable model.  If you’re interested in collaborating with us in anyway please email us at with subject line ‘CSR charity furniture’. Please keep in mind Osprey Pens Is the worlds smallest company to our knowledge in the history of our  industry, We truly appreciate your patience and kindness towards our tiny team. Thank you to all that have participated and helped us launch this program we are looking forward to continuing to expand it. 

We will be expanding this section and updating it as we move towards the end of the year with the photos and personal stories of impact. If you would like to join our team in any way, please contact us by email or call our CEO at 408-646-3621(please leave a voicemail, as he tends to work 15 hour days) . Thank you all for your kindness, generosity, and support. Join us, we will give you free advertising in return and our full support. We started out tiny in 2016 but slowly the good people of the Bay Area have been joining us and god willing we will make a major impact one day with enough team collaboration. Help us build some momentum so that we can truly as a team make a positive impact to our needy  communities and Bay Area out of proportion to our size.