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Osprey Tech CSR Initiative

Since the inception of our CSR program, we feel that one of the most important aspects for our program to keep growing is through fostering and creating ethical & transparent collaborations with like-minded Individuals, private small businesses, and public companies from all industries. Our initial Osprey grassroots efforts began through a model of donation of pens/inks/ and free instructional materials to schools for cursive.  Slowly, we supplemented this model using the Give and Grow pledging application that tied microdonations from each of the sales of our humble products automatically to our amazing list of charities.

  • With the advent of nation-wide remote learning in the USA, schools around the nation and even many communities in the Bay Area were lacking basic electronic supplies such as laptops, tablets, and wifi. More-over, we were heartbroken to hear stories of individuals who were suffering from covid in hospitals and who did not have access to tablets/computers. They were unable to even speak with their loved ones during their suffering or to say goodbye. Thus, we were determined to see how we might possibly try be able to give back a small number of tablets and refurbished computers to both hospitals and schools that are in most need in the bay Area in 2023. In addition, we would be providing a few  pens and links on a small level so that patients could at least write to their loved ones and so that students and teachers could practice their handwriting via remote learning classes.

Although we are an analog handwriting advocate company first and foremost, living in Silicon Valley we realized we must also try and leverage technology if we are to be most successful in saving cursive handwriting. For example, students who are not able to attend remote classes due to lack of access to technology are much less likely to be able to receive the possibility of practice handwriting classes from the same teachers if they don't have access to basic tablets, laptops, and wifi. 

We have brainstormed and reached out to various companies and hope to slowly grow this model as we have been receiving a positive overall reaction to our small-scale grassroots efforts from 50 American states and over 150 nations abroad. They watched us when we first started in 2016 struggling ridiculously , it seemed like an impossible idea. In 2022, we are proud to say we have only  been going harder and would love for others to join our program. One of the first companies to volunteer to help was a local Recycling company known as Bay Surplus tech,. The team at Bay Surplus tech approached us and asked if there was any way to incorporate them into our CSR model. 

After many meetings and discussions, we came up with the idea to incorporate them into our CSR model as a tech partner as they are industry leading specialists in E-waste recycling. They promised to help us with providing small numbers of laptops and tablets that if we could refurbish, we would be able to provide them to needy schools and hospitals. Next, we partnered with an amazing local laptop repair small business whose owner had agreed to help with cleaning out/refurbishing and ensuring any donated laptops or monitors were in perfect refurbished condition to donate to our local schools. We are currently in negotiations and efforts to also include other amazing companies such as the tech-exchange to see if we can collaboratively reduce e-waste from going into landfills and so that we have a better chance of getting more refurbished tablets and laptops into the hands of needy communities in the bay area whether they hospitals or schools. 

Please note as we are a bay area company, this first pilot initiative of the private charity model is mainly geared for residents, businesses, hospitals, groups, companies, etc. that are within the bay area and within 75 miles of San Jose or Hayward. For those located farther away, we are working on implementing a comprehensive program that will allow you to mail your E-waste if you are outside of our service areas (whether its a few broken flip phones or entire pallets of e-waste). We are also in discussions with logistics companies in case demand or interest from farther geographic areas materializes.

If you are participating in our program, then please use these below contact forms to register and let us know your basic information and other details that would allow us to schedule an efficient pick up or connect you to the right team member. If you qualify, your first pick up might be free (for certain items there may be a small disposal fee but we guarantee you will save money versus going to the dump to throw out that huge big screen tv).

The Items that are accepted as e-waste (which you cannot recycle via your regular garbage services) are as follows:

  • Cell Phones & telephones
  • Cords
  • Desktop Computers
  • Drives (CD rom, CD discs)
  • Hard-Drives
  • Laptop Computers
  • Monitors (CRT, LCD plasma)
  • Office phones and networking equipment
  • Personal digital assistants 
  • Power Tools 
  • Printers-scanners-Faxes
  • Routers
  • Services
  • Small Appliances Tablets TVS
  • Other misc. items (please speak with our team or details your items when you select a booking).

Our overall goal is to provide a few refurbished laptops and highly required refurbished devices to the school districts and hospitals/hospices that participate in our program. As a team, we hope to offer private e-waste removal/pickup services through baytso that we can cover and sustain the cost of transporting, refurbishing, and ultimately donating the laptops to the schools and hospitals that participate in our program.

For any E-waste pickup service or onsite certified Electronic Media destruction booked through this website, we will apply the same Give and Grow model that we proved worked for our product offerings. We will provide periodic reports on our CSR section as far as how many different electronics waste items in both quantity and gross weight that we were able to prevent from going into our landfills. We will also detail the number if devices that would have ended up in the landfill but which were able to refurbish and get to needy schools (we might try to sneak in a few pens and inks as well at the same time at no cost).

How can you help or get involved? Reach out to our team at with subject line Osprey Recycling initiative. We are looking for volunteers, partners, and any like-minded and dedicated individuals who truly want to make an impact in our state.  For General inquiries or questions about how you can collaborate or get involved, send us an email.

If you are a company that is interested in helping our program by ordering private e-waste pickups from  Bay Surplus tech or utilizing on-site portable hard drive shredding truck from  Bay Surplus tech, please go ahead and book one of the below services. Our team members will coordinate with  Bay Surplus tech and ensure that your order is logged into the give and grow application so that a predetermined amount of the sale automatically gets credited to the charity app. You are welcome to reach out to Pledgeling’s give and grow company as well as ours for questions on transparency. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, quality, and work standards.

Please give these small American businesses some extra love and support. The economic downturn and pandemic has hit small American businesses across the board,


We will try our best to leverage our entire global network to help advertise any company regardless of size that is willing to work with us to try and help our direct communities with improving their education systems: whether through giving them  tech, free  analog pens, or helping raise awareness.  We are the smallest company and team in the history of our industry to our knowledge, but this is what makes us more determines and tenacious to try and improve the society and communities around us in a small way.