Konrad Brush Pen (Clear Refillable)16003 Noodler's


  • Konrad Brush Pen (Stock #16003).
  • Made of durable  (shock resistant and UV resistant)Celluloid Derivative. 
  • Construction is biodegradable, durable,  and ECO-friendly.
  • Flexible and replaceable brush design.
  • Brush pen is modular and easily repaired at home.
  • Useful tool for both artists and Calligraphers with standard inks (Trim the brush for slanted italic style highlighting lines or utilize full brush without feed for wider painting).
  • Pen also has office applications for highlighting of legal or financial texts with inks such as Firefly, Lightning Blue, Salmon, Peach, Sunrise, St. Patty’s Eire, and Hellfire).
  • Brush is nylon and does not use animal hair.
  • Brush tips are replaceable and available in our store (Stock #18099).
  • Refilling your ink and replacing your brush tips saves you money and saves the environment!




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