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#6 14K Gold Extra-Fine Nib Unit

  • $110.00

Beautifully crafted in 14K Gold with a Extra-Fine tip, you can choose to turn your Milano, Scholar, or a pen of your own that accepts original JOWO nib units,  into a premium and stylish luxury writing instrument. You can get the Osprey advantage of buying interchangeable nib units from a wide variety of nibs we offer.

This Nib Unit works with pre-filled ink cartridges or with bottled ink using a converter (any generic international or Osprey threaded converter will work with this threaded insert). 

JOWO compatible insert: Osprey 14k gold nib unit is also offered in JOWO compatible nib unit. The Osprey JOWO threaded insert is designed to fit any fountain pen that accepts original JOWO nib units.