#6 Steel EEF, EF, F, Med, B, BB Nib Units

#6 Steel EEF, EF, F, Med, B, BB Nib Units

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The standard size 6 nibs are great for everyday writing. These nibs are fitted with plastic feeds. 

Pick up ONE pen body and have the luxury of trying different writing styles with the interchangeable nibs. Switching between different nib types becomes a breeze as the nib units have threads that screw and unscrew easily, without the mess of friction fit each time.

This collection allows you to choose between Extra-Extra-Fine (EEF), Extra-Fine(EF), Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad (B), Double Broad (BB) in Steel

These nib units work with pre-filled ink cartridges or with bottled ink using a converter (any generic international or Osprey converter will work with this threaded insert). Keeping in line with the interchangeable philosophy, this threaded nib insert fits nicely into a Milano, Scholar or Madison.

Standard Nibs:

EEF – 0.45mm

EF – 0.55mm

Fine – 0.65mm

Med – 0.75mm

Broad – 0.9mm-1mm

Double Broad – 1mm-1.2mm



Broad Stub – 0.9 -1.0mm

Architect Broad – 1mm-1.2mm

Architect BB – 1.2mm -1.5mm

Zoom BB – 1mm -1.2mm

Broad Left-Oblique – 1mm-1.2mm

Broad Right-Oblique – 1mm-1.2mm



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#6 Steel EEF, EF, F, Med, B, BB Nib Units
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