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School safe Noodler’s Ink Standard Black 2ml (100 pack)

  • $110.00

 The 2ml Sample was field tested by the public and schools since 2019 with our Flexpert. This product has been rated to increase safety and reduce impact risk from glass.  This 100 pack comes with 100 2ml individually packaged and sealed samples for easy distribution.

This sample vial allows you to inexpensively test and try out this ink with your stock fountain pen insert, dip nib, or Zebra g Flexpert. Shipping is light and easy. Don’t take our word for it, try this ink with your Flexpert unit and let us know how it behaves for you.  We are offering a handful of samples for sale. This is designed to allow access to the global customer to purchase a sample of this ink inexpensively if this ink is not available for sale locally. Please limit yourself to one purchase.

Noodler's standard black fountain pen ink is an inexpensive and versatile bottled ink that is made in the USA. This bottled ink can be used by our dip pens, stock Osprey Insert(using a converter), and our 2019 Flexpert unit. As shown by our handwriting samples and tests, Noodler's black works really well with our Zebra G and flexpert insert. This is the actual ink that we purchase and test out our flexpert units with. This ink is easy to wash out from your pen or Zebra G unit and we have found it to be an ideal ink to use in our flexpert unit.

Noodler's Standard Black ink is bulletproof (which means that the ink is resistant to water when used on cellulose-based papers. It is a useful defense against forgers who may use UV light, alcohol, bleach, or other solvents to try and erase the ink from paper). This ink is also fade and archival resistant to help it survive the effects of time, acidic conditions, or humid environment. 

When testing out your Zebra G Osprey Flexpert unit, we recommend trying this ink and comparing your results to our handwritten writing samples.

Please note this product is party of our CSR program. A portion of the proceeds of any sale go to one of our CSR charities.