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Customnib Studio  XXF  Nib Unit - (FLEXPERT)Hourglass, XXF 5.5, Stainless Steel flex

Customnib Studio XXF Nib Unit - (FLEXPERT)Hourglass, XXF 5.5, Stainless Steel flex

  • $44.00

**Please Note: We are totally sold out of the custom ground XXF nib unit. Please check out our instagram contest which ends on 1/18/19 for a chance to win one of these units fitted to a Vintage Style Black Chased Milano fountain pen.

The XXF units are sold out; however, we are enabling the option to reserve a unit and make a purchase today. It is expected that the XXF ground nib will be available to be shipped out by 1/18/19.

Osprey Pens is proud to offer a collaborative product offering with pre-ground and tuned flex nib units featuring Customnibstudio.  This nib unit is a custom ground and tuned XXF Osprey Pens #5.5 SS Flex nib unit. This nib unit was custom ground in California, USA by Gena Salorino.  Each labor intensive grind is painstakingly done and we are so excited to be able to offer this product. You can always check out Custom nib studio to get your own custom nib grinds done. Please note, Osprey Pens does not charge any markup on this product. This special nib unit is offered for the price of a stock Osprey Pens Nib unit plus the amount for the pain staking time and labor cost of having this nib unit custom ground in the USA. 

This nib unit fits into the 5.5 stainless steel flexpert  or  the Zebra G flexpert unit, which in turn fits in the Osprey Scholar or Milano fountain pen models. This tipped flexible fountain pen nib insert makes a great addition to your stock Milano or Scholar fountain pen if you are looking for some extra fine flex!

Please see our FAQs posted on our website, along with 'Flexpert - Instructions' that talks about recommended inks, use and care  instructions.

This product is part of our CSR Matchinbg model and program. For each Custom Ground Nib unit that is purchased from our website, we donate a portion of the proceeds to St. Jude's Children's hospital, which is a non-profit organization in the USA.




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