Osprey Pens was established in 2016. Our writing instruments, our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program, and School initiative were inspired by amazing brands such as Tom's shoes. In 2016, our company became the first modern brand to manufacture stainless steel flexible nibs in the USA. Over the last 2 years, we have made many efforts to get nibs, holders, and other writing instruments to schools through matching efforts. One of our most successful and effective means of reaching the younger generation has been through our Osprey Skate Boarding team. We feel that we can inspire students to write and use nibs through fun activities such as sports and skateboarding. 

 In 2018, we have expanded our line of products to include skateboarding gear, clothes, packs, and other accessories. Similar to our writing instruments, we will have a matching model with our gear and accessories. For each Osprey branded clothing or gear item sold to the public, we will donate a matching product to students in need in the USA.