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Junkyard Sam T-shirt

  • $18.00


This T-shirt features original  hand drawn art by fountain pen from the amazing @Junkyardsam. This kind artist and friend created this artwork for Osprey Pens in 2019. Check out the below video of Matt who is a left handed artist using the Osprey Milano with #5.5 SS Flexpert as he draws this  amazing design by hand.

This video features a time lapse progression of the art piece and also original music from Matt. As part of our CSR program offerings, Osprey Pens is proud to offer a collaborative T-shirt with the proceeds from the sale going to the original artist and also to the St.Judes Children's Research Hospital in the USA.. Each T-shirt is locally printed in California by Osprey Pens and is made from high quality cotton that will not shrink or degrade even after multiple washes. 

Please note, Osprey Pens does not make any profits from this shirt. Any proceeds from the sale of this shirt are given equally to the artist and CSR charity.