Konrad Ebonite Flex Fountain Pen

Jade Pine Cone
Methuselah's Pine Cone Ripple
Sahara Olive/Black Ripple
Dixie #10 Jade
Dixie #10 Methuselah's Pine Cone
Dixie #10 Rebellion Red/Black Ripple

The Konrad Ebonite Flexible Fountain Pen is a modern, flexible, whole-body ebonite pen-- and it's as stunning in form as in function. Ebonite has been at the heart of fine fountain pens for over a century.  Prized for its hydrophilic, anti-corrosive and thermal resistant properties, ebonite endures as a superior material for writing instruments. The Konrad Ebonite Flexible Fountain Pen unites the practicality of the Konrad with the rich tradition of ebonite.  

  • Ebonite body
  • Flexible steel nib
  • Piston filler
  • Efficient dual O-ring system


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