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MILANO -Kalahari Brown Ebonite Ripple WITH FLEXPERT - Hourglass #5.5 Stainless Steel with custom Converter

  • $88.00

 The Osprey Milano comes with 2 types of Flexpert nibs:

  1. Flexpert fitted with an untipped Zebra g (titanium coated) nib with a custom ebonite feed, and a custom converter as the ink delivery system
  2. Flexpert fitted with a tipped stainless-steel flex nib, with a custom ebonite feed, and a custom converter as the ink delivery system

When you buy a Milano bundled with the Flexpert consisting the stainless-steel flex nib, you basically get 2 nib units -

In addition, you also get:

  • An improvised nib block kit that helps in easy disassembly and assembly of the nib & feed to clean when the pen gets clogged over time/us             

With the 2 nib units, you can switch between the standard fountain pen nib and the flexpert, with the same body, as all our nib units are interchangeable in the Milano and Milano models.

Read more about the Milano below:

The Kalahari Milano Fountain features a beautiful ebonite ripple color. Inspired by the semi-arid and sandy savanna desert from South Africa, this special edition fountain pen was released on November 11, 2019 as part of our tri-service CSR promotion in honor of the men & women who have served our nation. As part of our CSR program, a portion of any sale of the Kalahari Milano fountain pen is donated to the US Army Women’s foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting public interest and to honor the service of all U.S Army women, past, and present. Please check out the Osprey CSR section of our website for more details on how we are using our fountain pens to try and give back to amazing charities.

The Milano uses the same modular nib units as the Osprey Scholar allowing for a common standardization of nibs across the models. For example, the same Zebra G ‘Flexpert” insert that allows you to convert a Milano into a flex pen will also work on the Milano.

A threadable insert fitted with a nib and a feed makes up the Nib Unit. This nib unit threads into the outer section. The inter-changeability allows you to quickly switch between writing styles by unscrewing one nib unit and screwing on the other. This makes writing with different nibs and tip sizes a breeze.

Length (capped): 142.0 mm/5.59″
Diameter (section): 10.6 – 11.4 mm/0.41″ – 0.45″
Weight (all): 26 g

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