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Noodler’s Ink Standard Bulletsproof Black 3 oz

  • $13.50


At $4.5 per OZ, this ink is really a good bargain! Noodler's standard black fountain pen ink is an inexpensive and versatile bottled ink that is made in the USA. This bottled ink can be used by our dip pens, stock Osprey Insert(using a converter), and our 2019 Flexpert unit. As shown by our handwriting samples and tests, Noodler's black works really well with our Zebra G and flexpert insert. This is the actual ink that we purchase and test out our flexpert units with. This ink is easy to wash out from your pen or Zebra G unit and we have found it to be an ideal ink to use in our flexpert unit.

Noodler's Standard Black ink is bulletproof (which means that the ink is resistant to water when used on cellulose-based papers. It is a useful defense against forgers who may use UV light, alcohol, bleach, or other solvents to try and erase the ink from paper). This ink is also fade and archival resistant to help it survive the effects of time, acidic conditions, or humid environment. 

When testing out your Zebra G Osprey Flexpert unit, we recommend trying this ink and comparing your results to our handwritten writing samples.