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NIB - 2018 Osprey EF mk1 USA

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The Osprey EF mk1 was our first attempt in 2018 of designing and manufacturing a stainless steel nib  in the USA at a grassroots level. The Osprey EF was manufactured in California with production being undertaken by the Osprey team locally. The mk1 stainless steel nib is un-tipped and can be identified by it's non-standard size.

The Osprey EF mk1 was first demonstrated for the public by independent testers at the 2018 Oakland Flax Penfaire.

  • From our first production batch of made in USA SS nibs, we had reserved about 25% of our production for our CSR program (to give our nibs to schools). After being demonstrated by our team using an oblique holder and classroom projector, we were able to meet our goals by demonstrating and providing our matching set of nibs to an American school for use in writing or calligraphy.
  • About 40% of our production from our first batch were provided to our CSR partners and 2018 Osprey Pens locations to be sold to the public.
  • In 2018, the Osprey EF was demonstrated using old school dip pen fitted with reservoir and in our Osprey fountain pen via our 2018 modular Zebra G eyedropper insert.
  • Our early eye-dropper inserts faced the issue of leaks and burps, thus our early mk1  nib had to compete mostly as a dip nib in 2018.
  • In 2019, with our improved flexpert insert passing leak and flow tests using Noodler's standard black, we plan on using the flexpert platform to fit our 2019 improved mk2 Osprey EF(the 2019 version has not been revealed or released to the public yet).

In 2018, the Osprey EF was the worlds smallest Made in USA stainless steel nib with the fewest production numbers. The Osprey EF mk1 was able to pass  laboratory testing for corrosion and has continued  to survive and write even after being soaked in water for almost 11 months. Out of proportion to the size and production numbers of this humble nib, the Osprey EF was able to help our CSR program by raising a tremendous amount of awareness through our writing samples and videos on social media.

Work has been underway since early 2019 for an improved version of the Osprey EF mk2. As of November 2019, the mk2 Osprey EF has not been released or revealed yet to the public.

Please note: The Osprey EF nib should not be confused with the Osprey Flexpert Stainless steel superflex nibs that are being released on November 18, 2019(Fine, Medium, & Broad-Stub flex).

 Instagram Page: @ospreyef