Mini Eye-dropper - Black MSRP $8

Mini Eye-dropper - Black MSRP $8

  • $8.00


The Osprey Mini fountain pen is an eco-friendly eye-dropper fountain-pen that was used as part of our matching program in the USA. The Osprey CSR program made history by being the first brand to officially give biodegradable fountain pens to American Schools through a CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program starting in 2017. The Mini and the need for a biodegradable fountain pen was realized after growing up at American schools and watching our students and teachers petition for help with recycling their used pens over the years.

The Osprey Mini is made from CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) which is biodegradable in the landfill and or in a bioplastics compost. Please follow our directions for recycling and remove any metal parts (for separate metal recycling) when you are ready to recycle your Osprey Mini-school fountain pen. The Osprey CSR program was able to give a biodegradable writing instrument to over  100+ schools in California in 2017. Cared for, this writing instrument can be refilled with bottled fountain pen ink and reused for years. 

Well balanced for a young person’s hand, the small size and transparent barrel make the Mini a fun pen to have. It offers a comfortable writing experience when posted, for all levels of users. The pen comes with a durable stainless steel nib. The ebonite feed allows the use of a wide range of inks. Burping, which is a common occurrence with eye-droppers can be mitigated by always keeping the ink fully topped. Our transparent barrel allows for easy monitoring of inks levels, thus reducing burping. The barrel is the reservoir for ink and does not accept a cartridge or a converter.

The CAB Mini is undergoing tests for biodegradability in bio-plastics compost. Osprey Pens and their RD department have been testing and working on various new materials that might prove to be truly "compostable". Many schools around the USA have their own local Composts. We recommend keeping a separate compost bin for your bio-plastics, but the ultimate dream would be to utilize a material that could be recycled in your school's regular food compost bin (with no harmful residue when the material breaks down).

We feel that it is important for the government and for the public to support and to protect manufacturers of eco-friendly/sustainable writing instruments that are being given to our schools. In this industry, it is important for the government and for the public to ensure that brands who pioneer in the field of eco-friendly/sustainable/biodegradable writing instruments do not face discrimination from stores, foreign corporations, and other special interest groups who may have an incentive to suppress such revolutionary manufacturing practices and technology. 



Osprey Mini Eye-dropper Manual