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Osprey Pens Quick swap nib-block for Flexpert (Zebra G nib swap).

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The Osprey Pens “Quick swap nib-block” was designed as an inexpensive and practical solution for grassroots school Calligraphy programs. The Nib block is an essential tool for maintaining and using your Flexpert unit in the long run

This convenient accessory to your Flexpert kit allows safe and quick swapping of friction fit/ heat-set ebonite feeds such as in our Osprey Flexpert Zebra G nib unit. Please watch our YouTube tutorial video on how to use the Osprey Pens quick swap nib block. As of October 2019, the Osprey Quick Swap nib block is included for free with any Osprey Pens Scholar or Milano Flexpert set. This product is also offered for individual purchase for spares/replacements. 

We feel that it is important to always provide safe guidance practices for our users. Dip nibs such as the Zebra G and Osprey EF can be very sharp and they are fitted snugly into the flexpert insert along with the feed. 

Please note, the nib block should only be used for Osprey Pens flexpert threaded inserts. Our Stock fountain pen size 6 inserts(with nipple on the back for easy identification) are friction fit and can be dismantled using the soft rubber grip provided in the kit(to remove feed and nib on a stock Osprey Pens insert, soak/wash first and use the rubber grip tube to safely pull out the friction fit size 6 nib and stock Osprey feed).


Use nib block for Flexpert Inserts:

Do not use nib block for Stock Inserts:


Please note the Osprey Pens quick swap nib block is also part of our CSR matching program. For each nib block purchased by the public, we donate a small portion to our list of charities. For more details, please check out the CSR.


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