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2018 Scholar Flexpert Adapter with custom converter(for 2018 Scholar pens)

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In 2019, we had changed the threading for the 2019 Scholar to be able to fit the same Flexpert unit as the Milano.This flexpert unit is fitted with a special SECTION adapter that allows one to retrofit the flexpert  to their 2018 or prior year Osprey Pens Scholar models.This special insert is for Osprey Scholar models from 2017-2018 (no engraving on cap or clip). 2019 Osprey Scholar models can be identified through the distinctive engraving on Cap or clip. 


 The 2019 Osprey Zebra G Flexpert Insert has an improved high-efficiency custom feed along with a new custom Converter. This is designed to mitigate issues of burping and risk of leaking as compared with earlier eyedropper inserts.This insert will fit 2019 Scholar fountain pens and most versions of the Milano. 2019 Scholar models are easy to identify by the engraving on Cap or Clip.

Cleaning: Soak the feed and nib in a pen cleaning solution or a solution with some tap water and liquid dish-washing detergent, ideally an alkaline-based or grease-cutting version.  Please make sure to flush your Osprey Pens Flexpert unit with ammonia or Pen Flush each time you switch inks. We ask that you first try the sample vial provided before other inks because Noodler's standard black washes out so easily. Using an old toothbrush or cleaning brush with nylon bristles (no wire brushes please), scrub the feed of any residue until the channels (grooves on the feed) are free of any ink or pigment. Inspect the nib for signs of corrosion. If corroded, replace it with a new nib.

Osprey 2019 Flexpert PDF manualRecommended Ink for Flexpert Unit:  Noodler's Standard black (The Osprey 2019 Flexpert unit as of 11/11/2019 will be provided with a free sample of 2ml Noodler's black standard ink). This will allow the customer to test the purchased Flexpert unit with the same ink that we used for "Flow & Railroad" testing on the Zebra G Flexpert. 



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