Mini Eye-dropper - Teal

The Osprey Mini fountain pen is a small clear demonstrator/eye-dropper fountain-pen that was used as part of our matching program in the USA. With the Mini fountain pen and the Noodler's Azure Main bottled ink (made for Osprey),we were able to reach 100+ schools in California through our CSR program.

Well balanced for a young person’s hand, the small size and transparent barrel make the Mini a fun pen to have. It offers a comfortable writing experience when posted, for all levels of users. The pen comes with a durable stainless steel nib. The ebonite feed allows the use of a wide range of inks. Burping, which is a common occurrence with eye-droppers can be mitigated by always keeping the ink fully topped. Our transparent barrel allows for easy monitoring of inks levels, thus reducing burping. The barrel is the reservoir for ink and does not accept a cartridge or a converter.


Osprey Mini Eye-dropper Manual