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Dip Penholder 7" Translucent Green, Acrylic Pearl

  • $12.00

The Osprey Dip holder is now available in vibrant Acrylic colors. Fitted with the same universal Osprey stainless steel ferrule, this practical straight holder is easy to use for students /beginners who are learning analog writing. This inexpensive tool makes a great addition to your toolset for even advanced artists and calligraphers.  Affordably priced, this versatile holder allows you to use virtually any modern fountain pen nib, calligraphy, or vintage dip-nib.

Pair it with our inexpensive size 6 stainless steel fountain pen nibs, or with a Zebra G titanium dip-nib, both of which can be easily ordered from our website.

Please expect some variation in pattern and color from what is shown in the picture.

A portion of our sales goes to our CSR program which is designed to help raise awareness and access by providing free writing instruments and inks to schools in the USA 🇺🇸.

Weight:  12 Grams

Length: 6.9 inches/ 15cms

As part of our CSR program, we donate a portion of the proceeds from any sale of this product to the Amazon Watch Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. Take a look at our CSR section of our website to see how through the sales of our products to the public, we are trying to give back to amazing charities in the USA.