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Special Grind - Size 6 Architect Broad(1.2mm) and Architect BB (1.5mm)

  • $14.00

Osprey Pens introduces different grind nibs: Architect Broad and Double Broad

Architect nibs are opposite to Italic nibs. They give a thin downstroke and a thick sidestroke. Also known as Hebrew grind. Designed for sharp, straight lines, this nib works best for print style, when writing in Roman letters. The line variance is enormous. Typically, not used for cursive writing.  However, if you want to be adventurous, and love experimenting to get fun print letters, or other artistic explorations, this nib can be useful.

Try using a consistent writing angle to reach its full effect.

We offer in 2 sizes –  Broad (1.2mm) and Double Broad (1.5mm)

Keeping in line with the interchangeable philosophy, this threaded nib insert fits nicely into a Milano, Scholar or Madison Sections. (note: if ordering for a Madison, pls make sure you have the Madison section2 that has internal threads. You can always order here for free anytime).

These Nib Unit works with pre-filled ink cartridges or with bottled ink using a converter (any generic international or Osprey threaded converter will work with this threaded insert).