#6 Ultra-Flex Steel and 2T

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    If you have already purchased an Osprey Milano, Scholar or Madison fountain pen, you can now buy replacement assemblies or just a nib unit without having to invest in an entire assembly again.

    The assemblies cost $28, while the replacement nib units are priced at $24. This is the next generation of #6 Ultra-flex nib units, which come with a custom ebonite feed with a tail, and has 2 advantages:

    1) It can accept a cartridge or a converter, which means you can use bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridges! The assembly comes with our Osprey custom converter.

    2) Secondly , it now seamlessly interchanges with all our other pen models, namely the Milano, the Scholar,  and the Madison. 

    The additional parts that come with the assembly are the generic outer section and the osprey converter, that you don't get with just buying the nib unit.

    If you are buying an assembly for the Madison series, it comes with a generic Clear outer section, and if you are buying for a Scholar or a Milano, it comes with a generic Black outer section.

    Send us an email to info@ospreypens.com if you have any questions.

    2 products
    #6 Ultra-flex 2-Tone Nib Units and Assemblies
    from $24.00
    #6 Ultra-flex Steel Nib Units and Assemblies
    from $24.00
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