Madison Fountain and Rollerball Pens

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    The Madison collection is available as Fountain Pen or Rollerball Pen in 4 colors :

    1) Madison Nimbus ( B&W) - with Steel trim

    2) Madison Clear Demonstrator - with 2-Tone trim

    3) Madison Translucent Red  -  with 2-Tone trim

    4) Madison Translucent Blue - with  2-Tone trim


    • The pen body is not too heavy or too light, feels sturdy on the hand.
    • The pen measures 5.45" capped and has a diameter range of 0.43” - 0.48”. It weighs 18g/0.6oz
    • The pen is made from Acrylic material

    These pens are a great everyday writer. If you have been thinking about picking up a fountain pen for the first time, or are interested in sharing your love for fountain pens and cursive writing with others, or a rollerball for ease of caring & carrying, this is the pen to get. They make for a great gift.

    The fountain pen nibs are well tuned and tipped with high quality German material, with a choice of Extra-Extra-Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad nibs to suit your writing style preferences.  You have a choice of fine or medium Schmidt refills in the rollerball pens. 

    7 products
    Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
    Madison Fountain Pens with Specialty Grind Nibs
    from $30.00
    Madison Nimbus (B&W) - Steel trim
    Madison Translucent Red
    Madison Translucent Blue
    Madison Clear Demonstrator
    Osprey Madison Rollerball Pen with Schmidt Refills
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