About Us


Osprey Pens is a Texas based company, established in 2016. Our mission is to provide you with high quality writing instruments, all carefully curated and created for your enjoyment.

Osprey range of Fountain Pens are made for everyday writing and for calligraphers & artists wanting to sketch, draw, do illustrations, etc. With Osprey Milano, Scholar or Madison Fountain Pens, all the nib units are interchangeable. Switching between different nib types becomes a breeze as the nib units have threads that screw and unscrew easily, without the mess of friction fit each time. Checkout our extensive range of Nib units. We provide nib units that work exclusively in Osprey pen models, along with JoWo compatible and Bock compatible nib units that fit pens which take Original JoWo and Bock Nibs.