School Initiative

The Osprey CSR is a privately funded program that was established in 2016 in the USA. The program was established with the goal of raising awareness for analog writing, nibs, and inks at our schools. Our CSR program was inspired by the legendary American Sheaffer Company, who used to donate a class set of pens to each graduating high-school class in Fort Madison, Iowa. 

 History of the Osprey Scholar 

Osprey CSR Pilot Program(2016 - 2018)


  • To work with hand-writing experts and teachers at schools to study, document, and report the application of nibs, inks, and writing instruments in the modern school environment. 
  • To raise awareness and interest in analog writing instruments by providing access to schools who participate in our program.
  • To collect data and document benefits of using refillable fountain pens and nibs for specialized teaching applications (such as for dyslexia, fine motor control, and other common challenges that students face with hand-writing).
  • To try and help save cursive at our schools with our nibs (including our own made in the USA Osprey EF) and inks.

Notable Highlights: 

  • 2016: Creation of the first modern school fountain pen given to American Schools (the Osprey Scholar) which was created for a class and school in California.  History of the Osprey Scholar 
  • 2016: Purchase of the Azure Main ink label from Noodler’s ink. This ink is made in the USA and is used as part of our CSR program to reach schools and raise awareness for analog writing. Please keep in mind, our program purchases any ink that is given to schools. We do not sell ink. After obtaining bids from the top 3 bottled ink companies available in the USA, we chose to purchase the one with the lowest price. We welcome any donations of inks or cartridges from any brand who would be interested in participating in our program.
  • 2017: Outreach to over 100 schools in the USA with bottled ink and fountain-pens.
  • 2018: Creation of the first modern made in USA stainless-steel dip nib for holder and fountain-pen. The nib is resistant to corrosion and is manufactured in the USA. The Osprey EF was presented to the same class and teacher who received our Scholar fountain pen in November 2018.
  • 2018: Inktober and Osprey Pens Save Cursive campaign reached over 200,000 people in the last few days of our October campaign