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About Us

Osprey Pens is a California based company, established in 2016. Our mission is to provide you with high quality products at affordable prices. 

Please note due to our made in USA Osprey EF mk1 nib, Antifraud Case study, and recycling program we have been under constant attack on Social Media by Corporate Groups and others. We have expanded our team of IG accounts to support and give backup to our main @ospreypens Instagram account. 

  • @cal_schoolcalligraphy IG
  • @calwritersink IG
  • @californiawriters IG
  • @Ospreypens_legal IG
  • @Ospreyefmadeinusa IG
  • @Californiawriters_ospreypens IG
  • @californiawritersink IG
  • @calwriters IG 
  • @ospreypensrecycling IG

 Check out our CSR Program known as "Osprey Pens Save Cursive" that has been in effect since 2016:


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