School Initiative

School Initiative (Brief History):

When we first started Osprey Pens, we saw a need to make refillable writing instruments accessible to students at our schools in the USA. 

  • There were plenty of programs and corporate efforts in this country to support analog writing via disposable roller-ball pens(such as BIC's "Fight for your Write" program), but we saw no organized effort for getting refillable writing instruments to our schools in a similar fashion. The logistical difficulties and cost of being able to give a fountain pen and ink sample to a school seemed to be a huge barrier. We were inspired by BIC's efforts to help our schools and tried from the beginning to model ourselves after this industry leader.
  • When we first started Osprey Pens, our business model was to be a retail business for pens and inks. We purchased a large stock of inks, but slowly, we changed our business model to purely manufacturing so that we can better help schools with our own pens and to focus on our areas of strength. We dedicated our stock of inks to our school program and have been actively working on sourcing and creating solutions to get awareness for refillable writing instruments and ink to our schools. Currently, we have enough ink to be able to reach between 5000-10,000 schools via ink samples.  As a manufacturer of writing instruments, we have no limit on the number of pens that we can produce, but it is important for us to set up a sustainable model that balances business with corporate charity. 
  • Over the course of the last year, we have created a unique matching model to work with any business(that sells writing instruments)to actively get fountain pens, ink and an increased presence for refillable writing instruments to our schools. In order to create a sustainable business model that allows for long-term impact, we connected the matching program for schools to sales of our premier writing products.   Basically, when a business orders one of our premier fountain pens, we are able to use the sale to cover the cost of getting a matching basic fountain pen, ink-sample, and evaluation survey to a school. We have selected two matching pens for our program (one being an inexpensive eye-dropper and the other being a retractable cartridge pen). Our matching pens are also available for sale, but the primary purpose of these two platforms is to provide an inexpensive option that can reach schools on a large scale. 
  • What can one fountain pen and ink sample do? We strongly feel that in the hands of the right teacher or individual, even one fountain pen with some ink can allow hundreds of students to experience writing or drawing with a basic fountain pen nib and ink. The point of our program is to offer access and awareness on a wide scale to schools across America. We have conducted extensive simulations using our matching pens and 1.8ml ink sample to test and evaluate the utility and amount of writing/drawing that can be leveraged from even a basic fountain pen and ink sample. The challenges of cost, sourcing, and logistics are all major obstacles that prevented our small industry from being able to implement such a program in the past. However, our unique circumstances and business channel partnerships have allowed us a chance to attempt such a program. The biggest incentive for other businesses to participate is that it allows all of us a chance to organically grow this industry through our direct actions.
  • In 2017, we selected 100 Schools through sales of our premier writing instruments to several businesses worldwide who were kind enough to participate in our program. 
  • In 2018, we feel confident and optimistic that with the right business partners and public awareness, we can reach many more schools through this matching model. The incentive for any business to participate in this program is access to our premier writing instruments. More importantly, our program and products are just another option that allows us to collaboratively help our schools, improve our branding, and organically grow our industry.  There is no other company, program, or product currently in the world that is actively getting refillable writing instruments to our schools. We hope that you will join and help us to show an entire generation of children the beauty of writing and drawing with a refillable fountain pen by providing support directly to schools in the form of a free fountain pen, a sample of ink, and survey.

The Early Years of our school program (2016):

  •  Our School initiative started on 12/15/16. 
  • The first pens that were sent to a school were dollar 717i piston fillers that we imported specifically for the purposes of giving to schools. These were given to a high school class to benefit 19 students and 4 para-educators.

Scholar Fountain Pen: (2017 Los Angeles Show):

  • The Scholar Fountain pen was our vision for a premier, high quality "school" fountain pen. We created our Scholar to be an ideal fountain pen for a school environment.  
  • The Scholar is named in honor of the American School system and was designed to inspire our students and teachers.
  • The first batch of 22 Scholar fountain pens was given to our Redwood High School Special Education class in Larkspur, California (North Bay).
  • Second batch of 22 Scholar fountain pens given to the Stanford University Fountain Pen Club

Beginning of our School Initiative and Scholar FPN

 California Schools selected to receive FPNs 2017

 What exactly do we give a school that is selected for a matching program?

  • A sample vial of ink & an ink cartridge
  • Informational packet
  • A Fountain Pen 
  • A fountain pen evaluation survey

Osprey Pens 2018 initiative: Matching program

 2018 List of Special education public high school programs from USA


  • To document and study whether analog writing instruments and bottled ink can be beneficial to a school environment.
  • To create awareness and encouragement for public schools for the use of  analog writing and refillable instruments. 
  • To gather data and document specific benefits for possible uses of fountain pens and refillable writing instruments for teaching students with learning disabilities.


  • After extensive review, we have selected a list of over 200 high-school special education programs from all 50 states in the USA that we would like to reach in 2018.
  • We hope to work closely with special education and regular high school programs to evaluate and study application of using fountain pens for students suffering from learning disabilities including  dysgraphia, dyslexia, and fine-motor control issues.


  • If you are a business in the USA who sells writing instruments, you can participate in this program through the following ways:
    1. Give us your support and let your customers and the public know about our initiative.
    2. Evaluate our products at no risk
    3. Order Scholar or Milano fountain pens for your own store/business:
    4. Choose any school of your choice or one special education public school program from the list.
    5. Along with your order, we will send the survey, fountain pen, ink sample and packet of reference materials along with your information as the co-sponsor to the school program and will document our efforts on our school initiative section of our website (under construction).